Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Jump aboard HMS Mysteria for our murder mystery night!
Join us in Madge Bayes Hall at Hyde Festival Theatre as we raise vital funds so we can continue to bring musical theatre to Hyde!

HMS Mysteria sets off on a secret mission from Southampton with limited crew on board. They are transporting a top secret cargo shipment to the east. Suspicions arouse when the first crew member dies so early into the trip under extraordinary circumstances.

Is there a saboteur on board working for a foreign government?
Was it a pure accident?

Work together with your detective team on your table to solve the clues, find the evidence and work out the riddles to really find out whats happening on board HMS Mysteria!

Friday 11th October – Saturday 12th October 2024

7.30pm (Arrive early to begin your detective packs)

Tickets £14.00 РBuy them now from

HMS Mysteria - Poster
HMS Mysteria – Poster